July 27, 2010

I have experienced some frustrations with the business side of art this week.  First the state of Kansas decreed that everyone must now pay their sales tax online instead of using a written form.  For a nontechie like me that is bad news.  For years I have charged sales tax on the art I sell, as the law requires, and have paid the tax to the state using a very simple paper form on which the state listed my tax number and the sales tax rate for the cities where I have sold art in the past.  This made filling out the form by myself very easy.

Now that has all changed.  Online the information they used to provide is no longer given.  Plus I am expected to have a password and I.D. number, which I must either remember (not going to happen) or remember where I put it.  Anyway, this time in order to file my quarterly taxes I needed help from a reluctant relative who makes me feel very stupid.  I can understand why the state might require online filing from larger retailers who have bookkeepers and accountants who are trained to do this sort of thing.  But why can’t online filing be optional for the rest of us.

But that’s not all.  I had an offer to buy two of my paintings seen on my blog by someone out of state I didn’t know.  I agreed to send them only after that person had sent me a check and the check had cleared.  Eventually, I received a check which bounced.  Husband says that will cost me $35.  But at least that is better than sending off two paintings I really liked and then having the check bounce.  It’s hard for people to trust each other these days and hard to do business without some kind of trust.  I am reminded of the lines from the song “It’s a Puzzlement” from “The King and I.”

“Is a danger to be trusting one another. One will seldom want to do what other wishes.  But unless some day somebody trust somebody.  There’ll be nothing left on earth except the fishes.”

At my easel:    I painted with the country artists last week but with outdoor temperatures above 90 degrees, we painted inside.  I finished a painting I began during the plein air class, and by using the photo I took added a deer to the scene where it had appeared.  I’ve posted it on the Midwestern Rural page.


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