Garage Sale Art

August 13, 2010

Most artists who have been producing art for a long time have the same problem, what to do with all those works of art that haven’t been sold or given away to auctions, friends or family.  They do tend to pile up after a while, and some of the early work may not be all that good.

At one time I belonged to a large church that had a huge annual rummage sale.  Sometimes I would include in my donations to the sale a couple of old, unframed paintings that I didn’t think much of and just wanted to get rid of.  The people in charge of the sale didn’t think much of them either, often pricing them at $5 or $10.  Then at an outdoor art show a womam came up to me enthusiastically telling me how much she liked the painting of mine she had bought at a local antique shop.  When she described the painting I realized it was one I had given to the church sale.  I asked her how much she had paid for it and she said $100.   Then some time later I received a phone call from a man who said he had bought a painting of mine at an auction and wondered how much he should insure it for.  When he described the painting I realized it was the second painting I had given to the church sale that year.  He said he had paid $50 for it.  By that time the antique store had gone out of business and I suppose there had been an auction to dispose of remaining merchandise.

The point is just because I don’t like some of my paintings doesn’t mean that they might not mean something to someone else.  So I’m going to have a virtual garage sale.  Just look on the page titled Garage Sale for photos of unframed paintings from $10 to $35.  At those prices I’m not going to ship them.  But anyone in the Lawrence area who is interested can email me at and we can make arrangements to get together.  Dealers are welcome too.


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