Handy Supplies

August 25, 2010

A junior high grandson who is staying with us was doing his homework.  He asked me if I had any colored pencils.  The teacher had said that if they did the drawings assigned in his health class with colored pencils, they would get extra credit.  I have goodness knows how many art supplies in my home office but I couldn’t remember having colored pencils except for a couple I had used as accents with my pastels (which I hadn’t used recently).  But he wanted more different colors than that.  Finally he spotted colored pencils in a variety of colors in a basket on some open shelves.  I don’t remember buying them or what I might have used them for, but I’m glad they came in handy.

But what was that teacher thinking?  How many households have colored pencils just lying around?  I can imagine some kid asking his frazzled mother for those the night before the assignment is due and she not having any or even knowing where to buy them.  I guess being an artist can occasionally be useful.

At my easel:  I continue to work on the Colorado autumn scene using only mixes of the three primary colors and white.  It’s going fairly well.


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