September 22, 2010

The current show at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery is the annual Kansans Paint Kansas show and I’m not in it.  This is the only Topeka Art Guild show of the year with an outside juror.  It is also the only show where Kansas artists who are not members of the Guild may enter.  Artists can submit up to three paintings, which I did.  I’ve been entering this show for many years and have even won an occasional honorable mention.  This is the first time none of my paintings were accepted.  I saw the show today and it looks good.  There were only a few that made me think, “Mine are better.”

At my easel:  I’m back to using the book Expressing the Visual Language of the Landscape.  The second chapter by Matt Smith is Simplification Through Massing.  The chapter is illustrated by paintings of large shapes, such as mountains and rocks.  I’ve got lots of mountain photos, including one I took in the lake district of Austria in the summer of 2009, so I’ve started a painting from that.  I know how painting masses is supposed to go with the distant ones lighter and more grayed.  The trick is to figure out how much lighter and grayer.


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