Art Moves Indoors

Nov. 17, 2010

Here in Kansas the plein air season for painting pretty much ends around the beginning of November.  But that always means that the paintings begun outdoors are now piling up waiting to be finished inside using the photo references I always take when I paint outdoors.  I have finished three so far and have posted them on the  Midwestern Rural page.  I have another I want to finish and several more that I need to decide whether they are worth finishing.  But that may have to wait awhile.

Art takes different forms this holiday time of year, such as home decorating, which I won’t begin until Dec. 1.  There are also Christmas cards to choose.  I prefer those that are reproductions of madonna and child or nativity scenes painted by famous artists of the past.  I especially like the madonnas painted in the 1400s in northern Europe.  They have a unique way of representing fabric.  Also, many of the madonnas are clothed in red.

Some years ago I received a Christmas card featuring the “Madonna of the Rose Garden” by Stefan Lochner (1410-1451).  I was so taken with it that I reproduced the painting in fabric and embroidery, a very time consuming process, and have hung it in my home in December for many years.  However, this year it is on loan to Centenary United Methodist Church in Lawrence.


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