Ups and Downs

December 8, 2010

How good that feeling is when a creative project goes well.  The pastel portrait is finished and it looks lifelike, a little younger than the subject perhaps, but no one is likely to complain about that.  I’m eager for the buyer to see it.  What I’ve relearned while doing this is how great pastels are, at least for some subjects. 

I think pastels are ideal for portraits of both people and pets.  To me, it is easier and quicker to work in pastel than in paint.  And the colors are less likely to look muddy.  Being a rather messy artist who leaves traces of paint on my clothes, my purse, my car, etc., working in pastels offers a way to easily wash up and have the telltale traces be gone for good.

Another good point during a recession is that pastels are a lot less expensive than tubes of paint and they last so much longer.  The big sheets of colored paper I use when working with pastels are also much less expensive than canvases.  So even in this busy time of year doing that portrait was really a good experience.

On the down side, I recently received another threatening letter from the Kansas Department of Revenue regarding my payment of sales tax.  They threaten to garnish my wages (what wages?).  This time it was partially my fault.  I failed to make my third quarter payment.  In the past when they  sent me a paper form, that was a reminder that the tax was due.  There are now no reminders.  I called the Kansas Department of Revenue this morning and a very nice lady guided me through each step of filling in the information on line.  She even seemed to acknowledge that the new system is causing problems for some people.  So now my taxes are up to date and the next due date recorded on my calendar.


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