Planning Ahead

December 22, 2010

Amind the rush of all things Christmas, an artist still has to plan ahead for the new year.  Finding ways for one’s work to be seen is the major challenge.  After all, that has to happen before there is a possibility of selling anything.

The best places for one’s work to be seen are those that will display the greatest number of paintings at preferably no cost.  These also seem to be the spots where sales are most likely to occur.  Yes, there are such places but there is also a lot of competition for them, which can mean scheduling a year or more into the future.  I’ve already lined up one for 2011, an exhibit at the Lawrence Public Library in April.  I tried to schedule an exhibit at Lawrence Community Theater but 2011 was already filled so I signed up for a spot in 2012 wondering what my life and health might be like at a date so far in the future.

Then there are the juried shows and I’ve been getting email from several of them.  Since I got into the Heartland show in Merriam, KS, last year, I’m trying again in 2011.  They make it very easy to enter (phone and email) at a reasonable price.

There’s another juried show asking for Kansas paintings, which I have in enormous amounts.  But isn’t $50 for the first entry and $10 for each of two more a bit steep?  These fees are not refunded if one is rejected.  Plus, it is my experience that I won’t sell anything in these juried shows.  Then I have an email call for entries for another juried show that I’d like to enter but the entry process is so complicated I haven’t been able to figure it out.

Plus, both the Lawrence Art Guild’s 1109 Gallery and the Topeka Art Guild Gallery are emailing me information about their upcoming themed shows.  I’m already preparing an entry for the 1109 Gallery’s upcoming juried show, since a photo has to be turned in early in January.

I hope more opportunities to show my work will turn up during the year.  Meanwhile I’m looking forward to having more time to paint once holiday activities are over.


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