Finding Time

January 19, 2011

Finding time to paint isn’t easy.  As artists we have many other demands on our time that seem more important to others and often even to ourselves than playing with paint on canvas.  I’ve been eager to get back to painting after the holidays with all their extra activities and after two other creative projects that didn’t involve painting.

My inspiration this time is the next Topeka Art Guild Gallery show titled Near and Abroad (travels and adventures).  I love to travel and always take lots of photos.  But I’m continually surprised at how few of those can be translated into paintings.  I print those precious few and save them.  The one I’ve chosen this time was taken in the summer of 2009 in Budapest, Hungary.  At the foot of a long flight of stairs sit two street musicians playing away.  The wall behind them shows an interesting perspective.

I had hoped to start Monday.  My canvas was stretched to fit a frame I already have.  I had stocked up on paint.  But art didn’t happen because my daughter called.  It was Martin Luther King Day.  Her kids were out of school and she had appointments to keep and things to do.  What’s a grandmother to say?  Fortunately, I was able to start on the painting yesterday.  Today something else unexpected happened, a snowstorm.  That meant my afternoon activity with friends was cancelled and I stayed home to paint.  The last I looked the snow was still falling.  That means tomorrow’s afternoon’s scheduled activity will also be cancelled.  So I have two afternoons to paint that I hadn’t counted on.  And so far the painting is going well.  I may just have it finished in time.


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