Seeking Snow Scenes

January 26, 2011

I’ve received some calls for entry for upcoming art shows and two of them have come up with requirements I have not seen before.  One wants to know how much my paintings weigh.  I’ve entered that show and complied by standing on the scale to see what I weighed (a bit too much) and then standing on the scale holding the painting.  Mine were far below the 20-lb. limit.

The other show not only wants art produced within the last two years but also art that has never been shown before.  One wonders how they would know.  On the off chance that I decide to enter that one, I’ll have to produce something new and what I’ve been seeing recently is snow.  I’ve had occasion to travel lately to two nearby cities and have seen some interesting snow scenes from the highway but there was no place to stop.  So one recent morning when there was still snow on the ground but the roads had been cleared, I drove out into the country looking for something to photograph.  Even on sparcely traveled roads it is hard to just stop the car and get out to take a picture.  I would just get ready to do that and then see a car looming up behind me.  I finally took a few pictures but nothing that looked very good.

I was about to give up when I decided to go down to the Kansas River where it separates North Lawrence from the rest of the town.  I’ve painted the river in winter before, a view from the bridge (I was walking across it with a camera).  This time I drove over into North Lawrence looking for a different angle.  I parked my car on a side street and struggled up the snow covered river bank following a path others had trod hoping I wouldn’t fall and break something.  But there at the top was a spectacular sight that you can’t see when you cross the river by car.  The water flowing over the dam had frozen into an icy waterfall.  Even if I never paint this, I’m glad I could see it.

Today I finally finished a painting which I will enter in the Topeka Art Guild’s Travel and Adventure show starting in February.  It’s called “Buskars (street musicians) in Budapest.”   I’ll post it one day soon on the Far Away Places page.


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