Win Some, Lose Some

February 8, 2011

Acceptances and rejections arrived this week.  After spending lots of time on “Buskers in Budapest,” a new painting to enter in the Topeka Art Guild Gallery’s Near and Abroad show, it was rejected and by in-house jurors at that.   However, they did accept two Colorado paintings.  Also, the Heartland show that accepted me last year rejected me this year.

The good news is that “Madonna of the Scrapbag” was accepted in the 1109 Gallery’s Globally Green show with an outside juror.  I wasn’t sure it would be.  Are fabric scraps from other projects really the recycled materials this show required?  Evidently, yes. 

 This piece has been problematic since its beginning.  The call for entry came as the Christmas season was about to begin.  Not having a lot of time to work on it, I barely made the entry deadline.  Since this show requires all recycled materials, I bought a frame at Goodwill and designed the piece to fit it before promptly losing the frame.  My office and the storage space in my basement hasn’t been this clean in years due to my efforts to find that frame, which I finally did a couple days ago.  Now I discover that on the date I need to turn this piece in, I will be out of town.  The 1109 Gallery does not allow early entries due to a lack of space.  The two relatives who would usually be available to fill in for me will also be out of town then (spring break).  But I will not give up now.  When the Globally Green show opens in March, Madonna of the Scrap Bag will be in it.


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