Photo Inspiration

March 30, 2011

Lucky me.  While falling temperatures and falling snow reigned last week in Kansas, I enjoyed the warm sunshine of a Carribean cruise.  The ship, Carnival Conquest, left from Galveston, Texas, and made stops in Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico.  For me, the trip was not only about escaping cold weather, eating good food someone else prepared, served and cleaned up after, but also involved collecting  inspirations for future paintings.

It would have been fun to try sketching some of those perfect bikini clad bodies lounging around the pool on the deck, but there were such crowds of people that it would have attracted too much unwanted attention.  So I sought inspiration on the shore excursions using my camera.  But it always surprises me how many photos I have to take to get just a few that are suitable for painting.

My camera is a simple, digital Kodak.  Anything else would be too complicated for me.  So I count on the Kodak Easy Share edit program on my computer to turn the photos I like into something useable.  Whoever invented the “crop” and “enhance” aspects of that program did an enormous service to photographers and artists alike.  Remember the days when we had to wait until we had taken all the photos on a roll of film before we could have it developed only to find that some were too dark or that  an arm or head had inserted inself into our perfect landscape.  I’ve already added my photos to my computer, deleted the hopeless ones and duplicates and enhanced and cropped the rest.

I’ve ended up with a few that I really like.  I have a good color printer, so I’ve printed those for future reference.  The only slightly annoying thing about this printer is that it lies.  It tells me I am out of certain colors of ink before I really am.  So I just keep on printing until I get a really bad photo before I change the ink cartridges.


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