A Sale!

April 13, 2011

Finally, the news any artist likes to hear.  I actually sold a painting.  It was just a small one but certainly not one I had expected to sell.  It was called Plant Forms  III (I’m not good with titles) hanging in the Topeka Art Guild Gallery’s Purely Imagination show.  I’ve written about the trouble I had coming up with paintings for that show, since I don’t seem to have much imagination.   But evidently someone thought otherwise.  The sale of a painting from this gallery means that one-third of the price goes to the gallery.  Some galleries take even more.

A fellow artist who shows at the Topeka Gallery bought it.  She also owns another of my paintings.  That one was one I sort of liked but had finally given up on trying to sell it and donated it to the gallery’s Garage Sale several years ago.

I don’t usually buy paintings because I have enough problem finding space for my own.  But I do think being supportive of other artists is a good idea and I have bought jewelry, pottery and a lovely shawl from other artists.


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