Behind the Scenes

April 27, 2011

There’s so much more to art in addition to actually producing the art itself.  And that’s what I’ve been doing this week.  On Monday between rain showers I drove to Theatre Lawrence and took down and packed in my car the 19 paintings from that show.  I also delivered one paintings to the 1109 Gallery for their new show and picked up my piece from the last show.  Today I drove to Topeka to deliver two paintings to the Southwind Gallery’s Kansas 150 show.

I’ll be in two additional shows here in Lawrence this weekend.  Once again I’ll try Lawrence Art Party on the street level of the Hobbs Taylor Lofts on New Hampshire Street on Friday evening.  This is a monthly show held as part of the Final Friday art shows in Lawrence.  Then on Sunday, weather permitting, I’ll set up my tent with the help of husband in South Park in Lawrence for the huge annual outdoor Art in the Park show.

Getting ready for these shows takes a lot of preparation.  First I go through the list on my computer of all the paintings I have and where they’ve been shown and find the number of paintings I need that haven’t been shown in these places before.  Then I look up the card for each painting that tells the title, medium and price.  I will need to print cards for some of the newer paintings.  Next I list all the paintings I will show with the price and the price with the addition of sales tax.  Now I go back to the list of paintings I have and for each painting I have chosen write down the show and the date when it will appear. 

The paintings need to be brought up from the basement.  Since I have more paintings than frames, some of the newer paintings will have to be framed by first removing an older paintings from a frame.  With husband’s help four seats will have to be removed from my mini van so that the tent, screens, screen covers, paintings layered between blankets and chair can be loaded into the van.  If that all sounds like a lot of work, it is.  And if it rains on Art in the Park day, it will all have to be unloaded and then loaded up the next Sunday, which is the rain date.


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