Good News and Bad News

May 4, 2011

Good news first.  I sold a small plein air painting at Lawrence Art Party last Friday evening.  The Art Party is a monthly event held in connection with Final Friday art walks in Lawrence.  It is held in a large, empty industrial feeling space–the walls are unfinished–on the main floor of the pricey Hobbs Taylor lofts on New Hampshire Street in downtown Lawrence.  The event is well advertised with a lot of both artists and those interested in art showing up.

Friday there were more than 20 art exhibits of a wide variety: sculpture, quilts, furniture, paintings etc.  Both KU student artists and local artists showed their work.  It was a fun evening, if you have a certain tolerance for noise.  The sound level of the band that played for about an hour was geared to younger ears than mine.  The space soon filled up with with people of all ages enjoying the art, each other, the drinks and the free miniature cupcakes a local baker was giving out to advertise her wares.  This is an event I’d like to be part of again.

But Saturday everything changed very quickly, as it can when one is older.  Early Saturday morning I walked a mile with husband.  By afternoon I couldn’t walk at all.  A Baker’s cyst on the back of my knee had become very painful.  After a trip to the emergency room and acquiring crutches I was back home but there was no way I could do the physical activity required to set up for Art in the Park on Sunday so I had to cancel.  I’m slowly recovering mobility.  Although I notified the Art in the Park chairperson that I could not participate, yesterday I received an email from the person who was evidently in charge of finances instructing me to immediately send a record of my sales and the 10 percent of all sales which the Lawrence Art Guild collects at Art in the Park.  Several art lookers have wondered why I wasn’t there.  It’s nice to be missed.


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