A Gift for Remembering

May 18, 2011

All the natural disasters in the news lately, floods, tornados, etc., can set one thinking, “What if suddenly my house was gone?  We live on high ground so we are not going to have flood damage, but in this part of the country tornados are always a possibility.  And there could be a random fire.  Certainly artists, with their growing inventory of work, are not immune.  What if some disaster suddenly wiped out my house and all those paintings I have stashed away?

If that happens, the paintings of mine that survived would be those  few that are currently on exhibit or the many paintings that through the years of creating art I have either sold or given away.  I added to that number this week when, as a high school graduation gift, I asked my first grandchild to graduate from high school to choose a painting she would like to keep.  Looking over the paintings stored on the walls of my basement family room, she rather quickly decided on a sunflower painting that was a bit different, “Sunflowers in the Rain.”  I had driven to a field of sunflowers to paint outdoors but by the time I got there it had started to rain.  So I sat in my car and painted anyway. 

My granddaughter won’t be leaving Kansas when she graduates, since she plans to attend KU.  But who knows where life will take her?  Wherever she goes she will have a symbol of the state where she grew up to take with her and also a memory of a loving grandmother.


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