Outdoors at Last

June 8, 2011

Monday evening as the temperature cooled from the 90s to the 80s I was seated beside a small lake, sketchbook in hand admiring the reflections in the water, while observing fellow artists nearby.  What could be better?

I had joined the Lawrence Art Center’s plein air class, which will meet once a week during June and July, in order to once again  have other plein air painters to paint with and to maybe discover some new local places to paint.  I have lived in Lawrence for years, but have never painted at Potter’s Lake on the KU Campus, which was our first destination.  Parking is so restricted on campus I didn’t think it was possible, but evidently after 5 p.m. it is, so here we were, encouraged to pick a spot, do a quick sketch and then come back during the next two weeks to paint.

I like that idea a lot.  Usually I go to a spot and must choose a view for painting, quickly set up my equipment and then try to get as much done on a painting as possible, all within two or three hours.  But this way with my sketch and the photos I took I can decide on the canvas size, paint my canvas a uniform light color and have the drawing done all before I show up to paint.  Now if only the weather will cooperate next Monday.


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