An Artist’s Week

June 29, 2011

The past week has been full of art-related events.  On Friday evening I once again participated in Lawrence Art Party along with 20 other artists.  The weather was good and as usual there were lots of people to look at and appreciate art but not necessarily buy.  Just people watching while I sit by my display is fun.  For the second time I included a display of my small art cards with envelopes each containing a photo of a painting.  This time I sold seven, mostly to parents who had children with them.  I think I was the only artist there who had something low enough priced for a parent to give in to a child’s plea to buy.

The next night husband and I drove to Topeka to an invitational reception for the Kansas 150 show (150 Kansas paintingss to celebrate the 150th birthday of Kansas statehood).  I have two paintings in the show and enjoyed greeting other artists I know from Topeka and Lawrence whose work was also hung.  As usual at Kansas themed shows, most of the paintings reflected rural Kansas.  The small Southwind Gallery was jammed with people.  Delicious food from Blind Tiger catering was served under an awning outside.  But why must events like this be devoid of chairs?  It’s hard to eat and drink standing up.  There were a few tall tables people could stand by.

Monday evening found me outdoors with the plein air class at the overlook near the dam at Clinton Lake.  It’s great to be able to park so close to a painting spot.  There were long sweeps of light and shadow on the dam that changed as the evening progressed.

I had an interesting experience this week with the indestructable nature of acrylic paint.  Sometimes I like to spray my finished paintings with Blair because it gives them a shiney surface something like an oil painting.  So one evening I laid two paintings on our patio table, sprayed them and left them to dry.  The problem was I forgot about them.  They were out there all night in a thunderstorm.  The end of the paintings, you suppose, but that’s not what happened.  When I brought them in the next morning one, although still a little damp, showed not damage at all.  The other, which was more thickly painted in parts, showed some puckering of those parts.  I supposed I would have to remove that section and repaint it.  But since I was in no hurry to do that, I left it in my home office.  When a looked at it again the next day, no puckering remained and it looked like nothing had ever happened to it.  I don’t recommend trying this, but I’m glad acrylic paint is so forgiving of an absent minded artist.  




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