Feeling Appreciated

July 20, 2011

There’s nothing like the sale of a painting to make an artist feel appreciated.  When I called Southwind Gallery recently to order the book of paintings from the Kansas 150 show I was told that one of my two paintings in the show, “Flint Hills Morning,” had sold to a prominent Topeka couple.    And once the sale was made, this gallery knows what artists want.  The check from my portion of the sale arrived today.  And with it was information that is often hard to come by when a painting is sold by someone other than the artist.

I and many other artists want to keep accurate records of who buys our work and how we can contact them when we are in another show.  Arriving with the check was the name of the buyer and their address.  Furthermore, the gallery owner had added a little note telling me something about them.  So my thanks to the gallery owner.  He says the show has generated a lot of interest and a number of sales so the Kansas 150 show at the Southwind Gallery will be held over until August 15.

The weather has just been too hot for outdoor painting, but I did manage, working in air conditioned comfort, to put the finishing touches on two paintings I began in the plein air class.  I’ve posted “The Bridge at Potter’s Lake” on the Lawrence page and “The Park Near Clinton Lake” on the Rural Midwest page.


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