Themed Art Shows

September 16, 2011

Both of the cooperative galleries I am involved with now have themes for their art shows.  This doesn’t mean that everybody who exhibits pays much attention to them but many do and so do I.  Sometimes I can find several paintings among my stash that reflect the theme.  At other times it is an interesting challenge to try to create something new that will correspond to the theme.

But sometimes the themes seem weird, I don’t understand them, or they don’t correspond to the type of art that I do.  Then I don’t enter that show and evidently others feel the same because soon I will be receiving email from the art organization saying, “Help.  We don’t have enough people to work this month.”  They then list numerous dates that have so far not been filled in by workers.  (Most who exhibit work the required six hours a month.  If they don’t and they sell something from the gallery, the gallery takes a greater percentage of the sale price.)

The next show at one of the galleries I participate in has an upcoming show titled “Self-Examination.”  I won’t be entering that because I’m not sure what that means, but I don’t think it has anything to do with landscapes, which are primarily what I paint.  So therefore I won’t be working at the gallery during that show.  I asked another artist who exhibits there what she thought it meant.  She said that an artist who would be having an exhibit in the back room of the gallery had had breast cancer and maybe it had something to do with that.  I had thought maybe they were encouraging self-portraits.  Who knows?  But I’ll bet I’ll be receiving that same email, “Help.  We don’t have enough workers this month.”  There is something they could have done about that, choose a more understandable and inclusive theme.


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