Keep an Open Mind

Oct. 14, 2011

Just because one art show juror rejects your work doesn’t mean a different one won’t see something good in it.  After all, you must have thought it was a good piece since you submitted it in the first place.  Last year my painting of a Leavenworth County cornfield in autumn was rejected  for the Topeka Art Guild’s annual Kansans Paint Kansas show.  I submitted it to the show this year and with a different juror it was accepted.  Not only that, it actually sold.

When I once again painted sunflowers on site this year, I wondered how there could possibly be anything new to say artistically about sunflowers.  Then I entered two of my sunflower paintings in the Sunflower CIRQUE show at Warehouse 414 in Topeka.  Because I brought my paintings in on the last possible day, I was able to take a look at many of the other entries.  Who knew there could be such variety.  There were watercolors, oils, acrylics, metal and fabric mediums.  They showed sunflowers individually or just a part of an individual sunflower, sunflowers in groups, etc. in a variety of sizes.  One entry looked to be about four or five feet tall.

Both my paintings were accepted as were 75 others.  If you want to see what artists’ imagination can do with sunflowers, do go and see this show which started on October 7 and will run through November 12.


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