Where to Paint?

Oct. 23, 2011

Last week’s colder weather sent both groups I paint with inside.  In each case one of our number has a lovely studio in her home with ample room for several painters.  A studio does add a sense of professionalism, a feeling that you are really taking art seriously.  It tends to combine in one room storage of both art supplies and art, finished and unfinished.  It is well lighted and there is plenty of space to set up one or more easels.  The studios of friends where I sometimes paint also contain a big table that can be used for stretching canvas or framing.  Another nice touch is a gadget to play music.

I’ve never had such a studio, so my art related interests spread into various parts of the house.  We moved to this house when all except one of the children were grown, and for the first time in my life I had a room of my own.  But I call it an office rather than a studio because it includes a big desk for my computer and printer and file cabinets to store whatever records seem important to me.  I do store my art supplies in here but the room is too cluttered to paint in or store much art.

Fortunately, we have a large basement family room with lots of wall space, most of it covered with paintings.  There are more unframed paintings in a basement storage room.  But the light isn’t good for painting in the family room and there is a rug on the floor.  So where do I paint when I’m not outdoors?  Would you believe in the bathroom?

We have a large bathroom connected to the master bedroom because husband, thinking way ahead, wanted it to be big enough to maneuver a wheelchair in if necessary.  It has a wall of windows.  It has floors and counters that won’t be damaged if something spills.  There is room for a chair and easel beside the counter where I set my palette.  I have even discovered that there is enough light from the windows and light fixtures to photograph paintings in here.

What I’m saying is if you want to paint, you don’t really need a studio.  If you are determined enough, you’ll find just the space you need.


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