Holiday Art Fair

December 5, 2011

I hadn’t done an all day art show for some time when I decided to sign up for the Lawrence Art Guild’s Holiday Art Fair held in the Lawrence Art Center the first Saturday of December.  It’s a lot of work getting ready for a show.  First I have to decide what paintings to show, this time mostly small ones  since they are more likely to sell as gifts.  Some may need to be framed.  Next I put my screens up at home and figure out the layout of the paintings on the screens.  I also have to assemble hooks, price cards and a list of each painting’s price plus what the price will be with the sales tax.

The evening before the sale I pack my car.  The next morning I add my lunch and a thermos and plan to arrive about an hour before the Fair opens to set up.  Fortunately, there is a parking garage right across from the Art Center, but it still takes time and effort to carry everything between the parking garage and the Art Center, which is crowded with artists all doing the same thing.  I was also lucky to be assigned a spot on the first floor.

Then one spends most of the time from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. sitting.  Crowds are ususally good at this event since there is a big parade of horse-drawn vehicles downtown in the morning, which draws a lot of people who when the parade is over may decide to check out Holiday Art Fair.  This year they may have stopped in to get out of the rain, which poured steadily for hours.  Although most artist would consider it a no no, I can’t resist occasionally reading a book or doing a word puzzle to pass the time.

It’s fun to see what other artists are doing.  One one side of me was a woman selling hand knitted caps and scarves while her husband sold jewelry.  Across from me was a display of pottery and on the other side more jewelry.  I also enjoy talking to people I know at local shows.  Then there are the people who know me but I haven’t a clue who they are.  One woman, whom I didn’t remember, said she taught my middle aged son in Sunday School when he was in the second grade.  I didn’t want to ask what had made my son so memorable.   All in all it was a good day, even though I only sold one small painting.


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