To a Good Home

December 20, 2011

Two paintings  from years past have finally found a good home.   Someone who had seen my exhibit at the Lawrence Public Library stopped by because he wanted to see more.  I was happy to oblige.   It is not often that vintage paintings find a good home.  I tend to show the newer paintings more often while the older ones that have been shown many times and no one seems to want have the frames removed and are shunted to a back storage area.

My visitor wanted to see Kansas scenes, especially from the Lawrence area, and I have a lot of these.  He bought two, one 13 years old and the other 14 years old.  I have good memories of painting both of them outdoors, one in spring and one in autumn, in the company of a group of women I used to paint with.  My daughter suggested the site for the spring painting, an old barn on property owned by the local rugby team.  The autumn scene was painted at a rural plant farm.  I’m a city girl but I thought the aging piece of farm machinery looked picturesque so I included it in my painting.  Husband laughed about that.  “You’ve painted a manure spreader,” he said.  Who knew?

But I do think recording on canvas the way rural life used to be not only looks picturesque but has some historical value, especially for people who never experienced that way of life.  And the memories of painting in the open air on a beautiful day surrounded by friends are priceless.


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