Holidays are Over

December 28, 2011

I usually don’t get much painting done in December.  Creativity doesn’t stop, it just takes other forms for a while, a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments collected through the years, memories attached to many.  There are mantel decorations, table decorations, something Christmasy on almost every flat surface.  The house will look rather drab for a while after I take it all down on New Year’s Day.

In addition our house, usually inhabited by two, takes on other residents during the week after Christmas, a daughter and family from Colorado and visiting siblings and families who come to see them from day to day.  There is cooking and baking and a sink full of dishes and floors full of wrapping paper and Leggo pieces.  The TV runs constantly with Christmas gift movies and TV season reruns on disk.

This morning, while most of my company slept in, I slipped away early from all of that to drive out in the country to paint in the studio of an artist friend with her and two other artists.  Whether we produce great art or not, we are doing what we love, a life affirming force in the midst of the fraililties of our bodies, one of us enduring chemo and another facing major surgery.  On my canvas ducks emerged floating in a pond among lily pads and water lilies inspired by a photo taken years ago in a botanical garden.

We talk of our art plans for the coming year.  On Friday evening from 5-7 p.m. I will be at the Lawrence Public Library for a Final Friday reception because I currently have 15 paintings on exhibit there in both entrances.  I have two one-person shows scheduled already in the coming year and along with my friend, will enter the Heartland Artist Exhibition.  As we talk and paint I begin to feel more confident that this will be a good year for art and that I will be around to enjoy it.


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