We Need a Little Help

January 18, 2012

On January 10 I had my left knee replaced and life has changed considerably since then.  Of course I knew some of what to expect since I had my right knee replaced four years ago.  It will be a while before I am back to painting but thanks to the help I’ve had, I can still continue to be a part of the local art scene.

I got a call yesterday from the Alvamar Country Club.  The artist who was supposed to exhibit there had cancelled and they had a large function scheduled and needed some art on the walls as soon as possible.  They had called a local arts organization and come up with my name and a couple others.  Could I bring paintings to exhibit the next day?

It seemed impossible.  I couldn’t drive, I was using a walker, and my paintings were in the basement. But I hated to pass up such a good opportunity to show my work.  So I said I would see if I could arrange it and with the help of husband and a daughter who fortunately didn’t have to work today, it happened.

I first agreed to a reasonable amount, 10 paintings for one room.  They would fit in my minnivan without having to remove the seats.  I have a photo album containing photos of the paintings I have and picked out 10 that were already framed.  Husband took the photos to the basement and returned with the corresponding paintings.  I picked out the cards listing title and price that I keep for each painting.  I then instructed husband how to pack them in the van.

In the morning after I returned from physical therapy daughter arrived and drove my van with the paintings and me to the Alvamar Country Club.  While I sat down inside daughter and the man from the country club unloaded the paintings and we discussed where they should go on the walls of the Sunflower Room.  So if you should happen to be at the Alvamar Country Club in Lawrence in the next three months stop in and take a look.

A lot of us artists are getting a little older.  Some no longer have the advantages I do of a living spouse and a son or daughter living locally.  Does that have to mean that an artist who may still be producing art can no longer show it?  If you are the able bodied friend of one of these artists, offer to give them a hand.  You will be benefitting both your community and your friend.


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