Which Comes First?

February 13, 2012

As anyone who has had a joint replacement knows, recovery occurs at a snail like pace.  Physical therapy is painful.  Pain medication is necessary but causes side effects, which means that weeks can drag on when a person simply does not feel very well.  And when the weather outside is cold and gray it can simply add to the general blah feeling.

Feeling this way, I put off resuming art activities.  How can I feel creative enough to paint when I’m physically so unwell?  Then a granddaughter invaded my down mood with her excitement over the sonogram of her first child, and my first great-grandchild, a boy.  “Please Grandma,” she pleaded.  “Could you make him a quilt?”  In past years in preparation for the birth of each of 13 grandchildren, I had made a crib quilt, each different, from fabric scraps accumulated from years of sewing projects.  So how could I not say yes.

A quilt is definitely a creative art project.  I am no purist.  I do mine with a sewing machine.  But choosing just the right colors and design definitely requires creativity.  How could I do that feeling as I do?  My washer and drier are in the basement.  Since going up and down stairs is not easy at this point I tend to stay downstairs while the washer and drier run.  My fabric scraps are also stored in the basement.  So while waiting for the washer to finish its cycle I hauled out a number of plastic bags filled with fabric scraps.  I had found an idea for a design on line, but would have to modify it.  Did I have enough fabric in suitable colors?

Suddenly, surrounded by all those colorful fabrics, I wasn’t thinking about how I felt.  I was thinking about the design of a quilt.  I was feeling that familiar excitement that comes with the start of a creative project.  “I can do this,” I knew.  Within the next few days I had drawn a unique design to scale on graph paper.  I can hardly wait to get started.


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