Finally Painting Again

February 22, 2012

At last, I’m painting again.  I haven’t had my French easel unfolded since early January before my surgery.  Painting can seem like a solitary occupation, but often it isn’t.  What inspired me to go through my stash of photos looking for something to paint was an invitation from a woman in a painting group I am part of to come to her studio this morning to paint with other members of the group.

Because of the various ailments of some of us and the travel of others, we haven’t gotten together to paint for a while.  One of our number was able to distract herself from her upcoming major surgery for a bit by concentrating on a large tree with barren branches just outside the glass door of the studio.  Two of us put behind us our recent rejection from a show we tried to enter and were ready to start in again.

The photo I chose to inspire my painting was from a trip to Ireland in 2006.  It is interesting how sometimes a photo I have had for a while can suddenly seem to say, “Paint me,” when I have passed it over many times before.   I like the way the lines of diagonal craggy rocks converge to draw the eye toward the pond.  And of course being Ireland, there is lots of green.  I have a good start and plan to return next week to the same studio to work on it again.  Maybe I’ll have it finished by St. Patrick’s Day.


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