I’m in the Wrong Business

April 3, 2012

“You’re in the wrong business.”  That’s what husband said to me Sunday evening as we watched the segment on modern art on the “60 Minutes” TV show.  According to this show, even though there is a recession going on, in the art world business is booming.  Art auctions and galleries are selling art for thousands of dollars.  The only problem is that isn’t in my corner of the art world.

The “art” shown on this program didn’t involved images on canvas or paper.  Instead the large pieces consisted of sometimes ordinary objects positioned in unusual ways.  One of the oddest seemed to be a tangle of extension cords and some light bulbs.  Another was a blue toilet seat.  According to the program people pay extremely high prices for such things.  What do they do with them, I wonder?  What sort of emotion do these creations elicit?  The interviewer seemed to wonder about that too.

I may be in the wrong business but it is all I know.  My mind doesn’t “see” tangles of extension cords and light bulbs.  I see the sky with an ever changing panorama of light, color and shape.  I see the trees, fields and gardens bursting with new life.  I see the colors of daffodils and lilacs.  These give me joy and inspiration instead of dollars.  And that is more than enough, although a few dollars now and then are also welcome.


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