The Gift of Art

April 12, 2012

I suppose most artists give art as gifts.  Our friends and relatives appreciate the personal touch and it helps us lower our inventory, which has a way of piling up.  But there is another way to give the gift of art which you might want to consider.  Here’s the way I did it.

Some time ago I was babysitting one of my granddaughters, who was about eight or nine, at my house.  As an alternative to her being glued to the TV or playing games on my computer I keep a box of art supplies that my grandchildren can use.  On this particular day she was painting with watercolors on sheets of typing paper.   Kids paint fast and can cover several pages in a hurry.  But if you really look at some of their creations they can occasionally come up with something that is pretty good design.

When she went off to other pursuits I noticed a large flower she had painted in shades of blue and green outlined with black that I really liked.  I saved it and planned to find a frame for it.  What this design needed was a small square black frame but I couldn’t find one, so I put the paper aside and eventually forgot about it.  Recently, more than a year later, I found her design while cleaning my office.  And suddenly I noticed in a box of small frames I have picked up cheaply at the Goodwill or Salvation Army stores a small wide black frame with glass.  And it fit the design.

I had a blue mat cut at Hobby Lobby.  Because the paper on which the design was painted was kind of messy, I cut out the flower and with a glue stick attached it to a clean white paper.  It was exciting to me how good it looked once it was framed.  When I showed it to granddaughter and told her it was hers, she liked it but didn’t remember painting it.    She recently moved into a new living space and I hope that seeing her own design hung in her room will help her feel more at home.


One thought on “The Gift of Art

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