A Beautiful Day

May 9, 2012

Sunday, the day of the Lawrence Art Guild annual Art in the Park, was a beautiful day.  On Sunday morning I was already packed and ready to go, thanks to help from a grandson on Saturday.  Husband and I arrived in South Park and learned that this year I had been assigned a space on Massachusetts Street, which meant, since through traffic wasn’t allowed, we could drive the car right up in front of my space to unload.  And that is important because the tent and especially the concrete weights that hang from the four corners to protect it from wind are heavy and hard to move.  I was reminded though as we struggled to hang the wewights in place that husband and I are getting a little old for this kind of acitvity.

But we finished on time and the show began at 10 a.m. and lasted until 5 p.m.  The day was warm, but not too warm and there was no wind at all.  I was located near the food vendors who sell those delicious goodies, Indian tacos, giant pork tenderloins, funnel cakes, etc., that I love but only eat on special occasions (and this was one).  Although rain had been predicted, it held off until we were driving home at the end of the show. 

Large crowds attended the show, people of all ages including babies in fancy strollers.  Many art lovers were accompanied by their dogs of all sorts and sizes.  A number of friends stopped by to look and talk, including a few fellow artists.  People seemed to enjoy my exhibit and many were complimentary.  Two different people told me my work seems to get better each year.  One man said maybe this was the year he would finally buy one of my paintings.  But  no one bought a painting from me.  I did sell some cards which featured photos of my paintings. 

But I had a good time anyway.  And I did have a sale of a painting last week to a man who already owed two other paintings of mine.  So that is encouraging.


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