Creatures, Yes or No

June 8, 2012

Once again I’m painting and looking through paintings from the past to try to fit in with the title of a gallery show.  This time it’s an upcoming show for July and August at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery called “All Creatures Great and Small.”  My landscapes are not usually inhabited by either humans or other creatures.  But for this show I’ll make an exception.

A long time ago a gallery owner told me that paintings with creatures in them did not sell well.  Of course then I soon sold the painting he had rejected.  I think that one had peacocks in it.  I know an aritst who for a while specialized in portraits of cows and another who has long specialized in painting brightly colored chickens.  Both of these sold quite well.  And artists who are well known for their Western paintings often include horses.

I’m a city girl and haven’t even had a pet for years.  If there are creatures in my paintings they tend to be accents rather than the center of interest.  But I’m up for the challenge.  Looking through my stash of paintings I’ve found one with some geese beneath an autumn colored tree.  A painting I recently finished has two ducks in a lily pond, done from a photo taken in a botanical garden.  From one of my many trips to Colorado I’ve found a photo of an elusive mountain goat high on a rocky slope that could turn into a painting I hope to finish in time.  I guess it is good to do something a little different occasionally.


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