I Could Do That

July 12, 2012

I think most artists have seen a nonartist viewing semi abstract or abstract paintings and heard that person say, “I could do that,” or even more contemptuously, “My kid could do that.”  But it is only talk.  They don’t ever try.  In contrast, a woman I know was shopping in one of those big chain stores that sell home decor when she saw a semi abstract print of lines and dots of color.  She liked the print but not the price tag.  So although she is not an artist and makes her living sitting in front of a computer, she said to herself, “I could do that.”

But what was different about her is that she actually did.  Maybe she was influenced by that interior design TV show we both like to watch, “The Nate Berkus Show,” that encourages ordinary people to discover inexpensive ways to decorate their homes.  She bought art supplies and went home and painted something fairly similar to what she had seen in the store.  She shared the results with me.  Now since she already has the paint, I’ve encouraged her to use her imagination and come up with a simple design of her own.  I’d love to see the results.


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