Keep on Keeping On

August 7, 2012

When it comes to painting, I’ve been going through a slump lately.  I’ve been too busy this summer to do much painting and when I have tried, the results have not been very good.  It was even more discouraging during a recent visit to a daughter and her family to see some of my paintings on her walls that I had done in previous years and know that they are better than some of the ones I’ve done lately.

What made some of those paintings so good, I wondered?  And I think I’ve figured it out.  My daughter has pretty good taste and many of the paintings that she chose were the result of that sudden surge of inspiration that happens to artists once in a while.  If you are a creative person you know what I mean.  It’s that sudden feeling that this particular scene must be expressed creatively.   I can look at some of my paintings at her house and remember the exact moment when I knew something absolutely had to be painted.

One time it was a bouquet of flowers given to me for my birthday.  I had loaned my palette knife to another artist to try.  Flowere don’t stay at their best very long and I wanted to get started right away so I painted that bouquet with a butter knife.  Another time husband and I were in the car with daughter and her husband near the mountains.  Suddenly we came across a meadow filled with pink blossoms.  “Stop the car!” I cried and immediately got out and began taking photos which eventually turned into a painting I still like.

Of course one can’t just wait around hoping for inspiration to happen.  I think it is more likely to occur when one is actively involved in painting and so has it on their mind no matter where they are.  And then when inspiration does hit, you have to make time to respond to it.

Fortunately, in looking over my photos from a vacation trip this summer one certainly stands out in the must paint  category  But it has several people in it, next to animals, one of the most difficult subjects for me.  But I’m going to try it starting tomorrow.  How could I not?


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