August 23, 2012

How can you tell if you have the perspective correctly done in a painting?  I’ve recently discovered a way that makes it a bit more simple.  First of all perspective means having all the lines in a painting going toward a vanishing point on the horizon.  The difficulty is that the vanishing point is usually way outside the dimensions of the painting.  So here’s what I did.

Most people have a floor with square tiles somewhere in their house.  My house has tile floors in the bathroom and kitchen.  Lay your painting on the floor next to one of the vertical tiles lines and with the horizon on one of the horizontal lines.  With charcoal mark the vanishing point on that horizontal line.  Since this vanishing point was some distance outside my painting, I taped two yardsticks together with duct tape so that one end of the yardsticks was in the painting and the other resting on the vanishing point.  Then keeping the yardstick on the vanishing point you can move the other end around to determine the correct slant for the top of fence posts, roof lines, stairs, etc.  You can mark this with charcoal on your painting.  This really helped me with the lines of a stairway in the painting I’m currently working on.  I hope this suggestion helps you too.


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