September 1, 2012

Whether anyone buys my paintings or not, at least they are out there for people to look at.  Lately I’ve had several opportunities to show my work.  The Alvamar Country Club in Lawrence now has 10 different paintings of mine on display.  I’ve had an exhibit there since January.  But I recently brought those paintings home and brought10 different paintings to the clubhouse.  I hope this turns into something I can keep doing.   It is a good way to store paintings when I’m running out of space at home.

I’ve done this kind of exhibiting before, once at a doctor’s office and another time at a sandwich shop.  Sometimes those in charge find it easier to deal with just one artist to supply paintings for their walls instead of having to find different artists to exhibit every month or two.  If I needed a painting for another exhibit, all I had to do was supply another one to take its place.  In those cases I was able to do that because I was acquainted with the person in charge.

Yesterday in the midst of rain I delivered 10 paintings to the Community Mercantile in Lawrence to be exhibited in their lunchroom.  That exhibit will run until September 27.  From September 12 to to October 23 I will have nine paintings on exhibit at the Douglas County Treasurer’s office in the old courthouse in Lawrence.  Plus on October 27 and 28 I will display my paintings at home as a participant in Lawrence Art Walk.  It’s going to be a busy autumn.


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