A Magical Day

Soybean Field, acrylic, 14″ x 18″

September 28, 2012

Last Wednesday morning was a magical day for painting when everything just seemed to go right.  The weather was perfect for outdoor painting, not too hot or too cold and with an absense of wind.  The autumn sky had interesting patterns of clouds in varying shades of bluish purple.  On the way out from Lawrence I had begun to notice the beautiful color of the yellow gold soybean fields and the way the trees in the distance were just beginning to turn color.  When I turned onto Hemphill Road in Leavenworth County I found a perfect place to paint.

There are always painting possibilities along country roads but the problem is that there is usually no place to park or to sit and paint.  Often there are ditches on both sides of the road.   But here there was enough flat space beside the road that I could park my car and set up my easel.  And as I started to paint things continued to go well.  I didn’t spill my jar of water and have to travel some distance to refill it.  And I hadn’t forgotten any essential tube of paint.  Better still, what was beginning to appear on the canvas actually looked pretty good.  I was essentially finished in about two hours.  I don’t know if I anyone will want to buy this painting, but as long as I have this canvas it will continue to remind me of a magical day.

My good luck even continued to the next day.  When I took down my exhibit and the Community Mercantile in Lawrence I sold one of the paintings.


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