The Worth of Words

October 15, 2012

Last month I donated a painting to a local arts organization for an auction being held in connection with a fundraiser.  It was a painting of the woods in autumn that I had been allowed to paint on site on land owned by a rugby club, since I was acquainted with one of its members.  I painted it some years ago and have shown that painting often but without selling it.  Since I continue to paint and storage becomes a problem, finding a home for some of the older paintings becomes necessary.

Because I was out of town I was unable to attend the fundraiser and auction.  So after I returned I sent an email to the person in charge asking who had bought my painting and how much was paid for it.  Keeping such records is a good idea because you can then let buyers of your work know when you will be in another show.

In return I received a very interesting email from the buyer of the painting, who said he had long admired my work.  He then proceeded to increased flattery writing, “You are a consummate Kansas artist and in my opinion your work is only equaled by some of the finest Kansas Landscape artists in some of the premier galleries I have visited in the course of my work in NE Kansas.”  The reason for the glowing words soon became apparent when he continued, “The beauty of your work can never be measured by the few dollars it took me to aquire it.”  My translation would be, “Your painting isn’t worth much but I like it anyway.” 

Oh, well, I’m glad my painting has found a good home, even if the organization whose auction I gave it to didn’t benefit from it very much.


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