Getting Ready

Nov. 28, 2012

I set up my screens that will hold my paintings at Holiday Art Fair Saturday Dec. 1 at the Lawrence Art Center at home and hung up the paintings I plan to take.  This is a good idea when you are preparing to show a group of paintings at one of those shows with many other artists.  This type of show tends to be well attended whether it’s an outdoor one in the spring or summer or an indoor winter one.  So you want to avoid some common mistakes.

The most obvious is not having enough paintings to cover the space you are allowed.  Because I am showing smaller, less expensive paintings at this show by hanging them on the screens at home I discovered that I had space for two more paintings.  Just handling the paintings again revealed some other things that needed to be corrected.  I found I had written the same title on the back of two different paintings.  Since I keep records, this needed to be changed.  I simply used sandpaper to remove a title from the stretcher on the back of one of the paintings and wrote a different title on it. 

By checking each painting I noticed that one of them fit too loosely in the frame.  I don’t understand why when I buy a standard sized frame and the same standard sized canvas they don’t fit perfectly, but sometimes they don’t.  The canvases  are occasionally a little smaller than the dimensions they are supposed to be.  That can sometimes be fixed by how the canvas is positioned in the frame.  Remember also to check the frames themselves.  After being taken to multiple shows there may be little nicks in the finish.  You can buy a group of something that looks a lot like Magic Markers to fix this.  I bought mine from Dick Blick.

Anyway, I am now ready for Holiday Art Fair and hope both my paintings and my attention to detail will result in a sale.


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