A Special Gift

An Awesome Night

An Awesome Night

When we had our family’s Christmas celebration recently, one of my grandsons ran up to me as soon as he was in the door and handed me a painting he had done and told me it was my Christmas present.  This was obviously an abstract painting, not usually my style.  But I saw an idea in the painting immediately (not necessarily what he had in mind).  With the bold strokes of gold, white and brown against a black background I saw in it an idea of what the sky on that first Christmas night must have looked like.

But having a more realistic approach to art, I wanted to make its meaning more clear.  So when I had time I looked through the Christmas cards I had received last year (I keep them a year to see who sent cards to me) and the cards we had received this year and found two images in the right colors that I liked, that of an angel and the three wise men.  I also found the word “peace” attached to one of the cards.

First I found a gold frame with glass among my stash of frames and cut the painting to fit it.  I cut out the angel with a scissors.  Cutting out the wise men was more difficult, but an exacto knife helped.  Then using a glue stick I attached them to the painting along with the word “Peace.”  When I decorate for the Christmas season next year, that painting will be hanging in my dining room.


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