A New Year

January 11, 2013

The new year is a time for me to think about the art I’ve been doing by looking back, considering the present, and looking to the future.

I have a big looking back project going right now.  I have always tried to photograph each of my pieces of art work.  Since I bought a digital camera in 2007 I’ve been doing digital photographs which I put on my computer.  I then print each of the photos of my paintings and put them in albums titled Have, Sold, and Given.  Before 2007 the record of my art is in slides.  So I am in the process of converting those to photos to add to my albums.  Husband bought a gadget that was supposed to do this, but it did a very poor job with light and color.  Lately I’ve been having the slide images put on disc by Wolfe’s in Topeka and then printing them with my color printer.  Wolfe’s does a much better job than husband’s gadget but not as good as the images I take with my digital camera.  But they do offer a good overview of my art through the years, which I think has some value to me.

The present has me cautiously optimistic, since a painting I had on exhibit at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery sold yesterday.  The gallery encouraged us to exhibit small, inexpensive paintings for the December-January show so the woodland stream painting of mine that sold was only 10″ x 8.”  I liked the frame I had on it but the buyer did not, so the painting was sold without the frame thus making the price a little lower. 

And I have a new project to look forward to.  I have a commission to do two small paintings for a woman for whom I did a commissioned painting last summer.  Once again I have been given very specific guidelines as to color and content.

So I have plenty to keep me busy as an artist in the coming days.


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