Creativity Endures

January 24, 2013

I spent an interesting and productive morning recently with a group of very creative women.  We met in the walk out lower floor studio in the country home of one of our members.  We five are, with possibly one exception, all senior citizens and all have been creative artists of one kind or another for many years. 

Being older can present physical challenges in creating art.  But what amazes me about the older artists I know is that there is always a plan B or C, etc.  When one activity is no longer possible, another creative activity takes its place.  One woman used to be a very creative weaver.  But age can take strength and dexterity from one’s hands.  The looms are now gone from her studio.  She then switched to dying silk and creating beautiful silk scarves.  But now after a long illness she says that process is too long and tiring.

When we met at her studio we marveled at the beautiful nature photos that she has taken and used to make greeting cards.  In addition she showed us the valentines she has been making with a collage on the front of each featuring tiny pieces of painted silk, lace, etc.  They are truly works of art.

So we enjoyed each other’s company, each of us doing our own creative thing.  One woman was spinning alpaca yarn, another was preparing to begin a watercolor by applying mastic to the paper which she wanted to keep white.  Another, who arrived late, was looking through art magazines.

I had brought a 16″ x 12″ painting I had done in the fall that just did not quite work.   With me I brought the means to fix it, which involved removing the canvas from its stretchers, cutting off about the top third and then attaching what was left to 9″ x 12″ stretchers.  I made some minor changes to the painting and then framed it with an old frame from my stash which I stained to a darker color.  There were a few raised eyebrows when I started cutting up my painting, but they later agreed with me that its new look was much better.

We ended our morning with lunch while watching the birds at the bird feeder outside the window.   



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