Not So Discouraged

February 6, 2013

It’s easy for an artist to be discouraged, especially in these tough economic times.  Sometimes I wonder, is it just the recession or is it my art?  Is it too realistic for today’s taste?  Or maybe I just am not very good at what I do.

I recently decided to update the visual record of my art by turing slides of paintings I did years ago into a disc and then printing them and filing them in albums.  I have now finished the Sold section and I think I have learned some important things in doing that.

First, I was surprised by the sheer number of paintings I have sold through the years, more than 200.  And actually, more of my paintings have sold than that.  In the Given section are quite a few paintings that have been given to charity auctions, church sales, etc. and sold by them.   Then there are all those paintings I’ve given as gifts. 

A lot of paintings I have created are out there somewhere.  I know for sure that my paintings are in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Missouri, Iowa, and Kansas.  Outside of the U.S. my paintings are in Guam, England and China.  And who knows where others may have migrated to.

Looking over those photos I can remember where most of them were done.  I’ve been in some beautiful places and I think I appreciated those places more by trying to paint them.  Since I’ve often painted with other artists, seeing the photos of my paintings reminds me of them too and the places where they lived.  Being an artist has enhanced my life in so many ways and that is what is really important.  That’s why I will continue to paint.

Of course it is always nice to sell something occasionally.  Last Saturday the woman who commissioned two small paintings picked them up and seemed pleased with them.


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