Art and the Senior Citizen

March 17, 2013

I’ve noticed lately that there is more recognition of senior citizen artists as a category. Two different retirement communities in Lawrence, Presbyterian Manor and Drury Place, are scheduling art shows for senior citizen artists. These artists don’t have to live in the residences but their art must have been produced during the artists’ senior years. I’ll be entering both of these. Also, during the last several years Artist Magazine has featured a competition for senior citizen artists in one issue a year.

While I have occasionally seen a feature article in an art magazine on young or emerging artists, usually artists aren’t defined by their age. They are defined by their work. I’m not sure why senior artists are being featured. Maybe because there are more and more of us becoming seniors as baby boomers age and life expectancy has increased. Also, art is an unusual occupation. While many in other lines of work look forward to ending their careers at age 65 or before, often artists are becoming more active in their chosen field as they age because their children have grown and they have retired from the job that supported them and their art.

This week I have experienced another happy aspect of art and the senior citizen. Some senior citizens now find they have the time and resources to become art appreciators and collectors. I spoke recently with a very enthusiastic senior woman who had bought a small painting of mine from the Topeka Art Guild Gallery several months ago. This week she came to my home to see more of my paintings and bought another one. She said she had very recently begug to collect art and was filling her walls with paintings. What artist wouldn’t like to meet more people like that.


One thought on “Art and the Senior Citizen

  1. This blog is very informative on aging artists. I learned that we should appreciate arts by seniors more often. I have wrote earlier about activities seniors could do, but I left out painting and sculpturing. This blog gave me a lot of extra ideas seniors can do in their pass time.

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