A Meaningful Experience

April on Schwarz Road, Acrylic, 20" x 16"

April on Schwarz Road, Acrylic, 20″ x 16″

The Lawrence Art Guild’s annual Art in the Park took place the first Sunday in May, a cold and dreary day that saw artists wrapped in blankets  orcoats while they sat with their exhibits.  In spite of the weather  there was a fairly good sized crowd, many walking dogs of every description, others pushing strollers containing warmly dressed toddlers.  I sat shivering in my chair at the entry to my tent as people complimented my display of paintings and then purchased either a $2.50 card or nothing at all.

When I returned from a short break, a fellow artist told me someone had photographed one of my paintings.  Soon husband called saying he had given my number to a former neighbor who would call me.  She was interested in the painting pictured above.

I had painted that scene two years ago at a time when my painting group was meeting only sporadically and I was eager to be outdoors painting, since I think Lawrence is at its most beautiful in April.  I decided to do what Monet did as a senior citizen, paint on his own property.  So I sat in my front yard and painted.  To me it was a so so painting, but to the young woman who called me it had a much deeper meaning.

The brown house behind the hedges was where she had grown up, being raised by her grandparents who were now deceased.  She told me her husband had taken their daughters to Art in the Park.  When he saw my painting, he recognized the house and photographed it.  “I cried when I saw it”, she said.  “I have to have that painting.  Please save it for me”  She came by that evening to buy it.  I had not seen much of her in recent years, but I remembered the little girl who lived next door.  I am glad that she has a painting that means so much to her.



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