Art and the Computer

August 23, 2013

As an artist I have found my computer very helpful.  On it I keep a record of all the paintings I have and where and when they have been shown.  I also keep a file on all the paintings I’ve sold, where, when and to what person.  In another file are the records of the paintings I’ve given away.  When I have a show of my paintings, I make up a list on my computer for my bulletin board with the name of each painting, the price and the price including tax, so if anyone calls to inquire I have the information readily available.

The photo program on my computer is also very important.  I keep files of the paintings I have created each year.  From these files I can send emails to apply for shows or I can print small photos of the paintings to attach to cards.  I also keep a file of photos that might inspire future paintings.

But alas, I fear my computer is on its last legs so I’ve decided to shop for a new one.  And that’s where things get complicated.  When I spend that much money I want to see what I am buying and be able to ask a human person questions about it.  I would like to tell that person what I plan to do with the computer and have that person show me how it would be done on the machine I’m thinking of buying.  It would also be nice if it came with an instruction book.  That doesn’t seem like too much to ask, but it is proving to be almost impossible.

I’ve been using Windows on my computer, so I’d like my new computer to use that system too.  However, the only computers available in the two stores here in town that sell them all have Windows 8 and I have not been hearing good things about that system.  Husband thinks it would be too complicated for me and that I should buy a computer with Windows 7.  But I have discovered that the only way to buy such a computer is online.  I’ve looked online and can find computers with Windows 7 but there is no information about the other things I want to know, such as what photo system does it have and does it have a slot for discs?  Furthermore, the reviews of these computers do not always agree.

I know each computer upgrade is supposed to be progress but it just seems like complications and confusion for me.


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