Art Walk is Coming

Oct. 24, 2013

One again it is time for the annual Art Walk in Lawrence, Kansas.  Artists open their studios, many in their own homes, to the public from 10 am to 6pm on Saturday October 26 and from noon to 6 p.m. Sunday October 27.  Twenty-seven locations are listed on this year’s Art Walk map. Mine is number 5.  There will be a sign in the yard of each participant so you can’t miss us.  Mediums include ceramics, drawing, glass, jewelry, metalworks, mixed media, acrylic painting, oil painting, photography and Sculpture.  The Lawrence Art Center at 940 New Hampshire, as well as the individual artists involved, should have maps listing each location.  You can see samples of the artists’ work, bios and contact information at

If you live in the area, do stop by and see what I’ve been busy arranging this week in my basement art gallery.   You’ll see scenes I have painted on site in this area and other done from photos from my travels.  I really love autumn and have a number of paintings done in that season.   I have 73 framed paintings on the walls quite reasonably priced.  I also have 14 unreasonably low-priced unframed paintings you will want to take a look at.  Don’t stay away just because you think you won’t buy anything.  It’s okay to just come and look.  Art is a form of communication and I’d like to have some people who enjoy art to communicate with.




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