A Successful Art Walk

From the Barn Door, 12" x 9"  acrylic

From the Barn Door, 12″ x 9″ acrylic

October 29, 2013


Art Walk turned out very well for me this year.  More people than usual came to view the paintings that cover the walls of my basement multipurpose room.  And people seemed to like them, even some that were not favorites of mine.  At the last minute I decided to also set out some cards that each contained a photo of one of my paintings.  I didn’t have very many on hand but when people started buying them, I began making more in between visitors.  Fortunately, I have a good color printer and they are easy to make.

Better yet, I sold three paintings, including the one pictured above.  Before Art Walk begins, those who are participating may pick up postcards  advertising Art Walk to send to those who have purchased a painting in the past or to anyone else who might be interested.  I don’t usually get much result from sending the post cards but this year a couple who had purchased one of my paintings a year or two ago did come and they bought three more.  So this year was one of the few years I earned more at Art Walk than the high fee charged to be in it.

I have paintings depicting a wide variety of locations and it is interesting which paintings people are drawn to.  To my surprise Kansas rural nostalgia seems to be popular.  I paint a lot of rural Kansas scenes, since I paint with two artists who live in the country.  Sometimes it is hard to think of something new to paint when I have been at those locations so many times.  But I gues it will be worth while to take another look.



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