Santa’s Thinking Art

Highpoint Corner, acrylic, 12" x 7"

Highpoint Corner, acrylic, 12″ x 7″

Of course all artists, me included, are hoping Santa will swoop down and choose one of their pieces for a Christmas gift.  The Topeka Art Guild Gallery is making that a little easier by having a big selection of paintings selling for less than $100 in their current show.  The show will run through January, so if you receive a monetary gift for Christmas you might want to pay the gallery a visit.  The above is one of my contributions to that show.   Art is more lasting than the latest electronic game  or that trendy piece of clothing that you won’t want to be seen in next year.  It is something you an enjoy in your home or office for years to come.

But as artists we can use this season of gift giving to further the cause of art in another way.  Think about the people you’ve heard say they have always wanted to paint.  Remember the young person who is excited about an art class they are taking in school.  And what about the struggling artist who is wondering how to afford the supplies needed to continue.  The gift of art supplies may be just the inspiration someone you know will appreciate.  A painting is more than just something to hang on the wall.  Creating it may give the artist the chance to sit in a beautiful natural setting and really see it in a new way.  It may help someone think outside the box.  Or it may simply give someone struggling with overwhelming problems a needed respite.  We who know the benefits of art can choose in this season to share it with others.  It can indeed be the gift that keeps on giving.


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