Getting the Word Out

Sunflower Field, Acrylic, 16" x 12"

Sunflower Field, Acrylic, 16″ x 12″

With less places available for showing my art, I sometimes wonder if anyone knows that I am still out there painting and would like to share my work.  Fortunately, I was contacted this month about appearing in the winter issue of Lawrence Magazine.  It’s a beautiful magazine that features various aspects of the city where I live and often has an article about art.  The article in which I will appear is about three painters who use a palette knife extensively in their work.  The process for the creation of this article has been interesting.

First I was interviewed at my home by the artist who writes the art articles.  I’ve known him for some time and once took a class of his.  We sat in my basement where I have my paintings covering the walls.  He’s an excellent writer but I wonder what he will find to say about my paintings.  Unlike more complicated abstracts, my paintings and my motivation for painting them are pretty simple.  I see a beautiful landscape and if possible sit in front of it enjoying the view while I paint.  I hope others who couldn’t be there will see in my painting what I saw.

The next step occurred when the photographer called and asked me to come to his studio with the two other painters to be photographed.  It’s a good thing I happened to look at my email the morning of our appointment.  The photographer had emailed me and asked me to bring a palette knife and some tubes of paint.  I supposed he wanted to use them as props.  Not exactly so.  He had placed a big sheet of white paper on the wall.  He found something to use as a palette and asked the first artist to start painting.  She works more abstractly than I and with a larger palette knife and soon applied some big splashes of oil paint.  He then took her picture in front of what she had done.  Then he asked the man, who had brought no paint or palette knife, because he had not checked his email that morning, to add to the painting using the first artist’s paint and palette knife.  He then photographed him against the background of his addition.  Then I with my acrylic paints added to our joint creation and he photographed me.

As a final step the photographer called me up about a week later and told me three paintings of mine that the writer had suggested he photograph.  Since no one had told me what paintings of mine would be in the article, I had already taken one to Topeka to be in their current show.  Another that was chosen is my favorite painting.  It hangs on the wall in my dining room and I would never sell it.  So I would rather they have chosen something else but it will appear in the article.  So will the one of the sunflowers shown above and “On the Road,” which appears at the top of my blog.  All and all this has been quite an experience.


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