Creative Again


Among the Trees, Acrylic, 12″ x 15″

I took my own advice and decided to finish a painting I had started last summer in the back yard of a friend who lives in the country.  It didn’t need a lot of work, just more emphasis on the center of interest, the large tree, by making the contrast greater between light and dark and putting more patches of light on the path leading up to it.  When I started the painting I had sized the canvas to fit a frame I already had, so it was soon ready to take its place on my basement wall.

Then a happy coincidence happened.  I received an invitation to contribute a painting to an art sale benefit for Headquarters, a Lawrence crisis hotline.  By saying yes, that meant that I would find a home for one painting at the same time I had created another.   The benefit will be April 25 at the Cider Gallery in Lawrence.  I contributed an 18″ x 24″ painting called “Autumn Moon.”

A further chance to be creative occurred on Thursday when I worked at the Topeka Art Guild cooperative gallery where I currently have three paintings in their show.  The mall where the gallery is located wants to give 1,000 homemade valentines to Meals on Wheels to give to those they serve on Valentine’s Day.  Someone in the guild had assembled a wide variety of materials plus glue and scissors and those in the Guild were invited to add to the growing stack of valentines.  This kind of activity is usually limited to children but it was fun to look through the hearts, lace, stickers, ribbon, etc. and come up with creative designs.  So my year is off to a good start creatively and I’m eager to see what next month brings.


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